Biggest Surprise of the Year: We’re Pregnant (again)!

Before getting married, Cha and I have decided that we could have 2-3 kids. And that the ideal would be 2: a boy and a girl. So far, God blessed us with two energetic boys!

Even before Caspian’s birth last year, we talked about the possibility of having a third child.

If we were in the Philippines, we would have readily welcomed a third child. Alas, we are in the USA where healthcare is expensive, heck, pretty much everything is expensive! So, we thought that two is probably going to be the maximum number of kids for us.


But just last week, we learned that we are expecting again!

This year (2019) has had its fair share of anxieties and uncertainties. My employer went through a reorganization and I had to wait a few months to see where I’d end up. Our Green Card application was pending. But, learning that we are pregnant is by far, the biggest surprise of 2019.

We have just been getting our groove back now that Caspian has turned one. We were planning some vacation and a trip abroad.

Prepare, Take Care!

Becoming pregnant can be hard and life-changing. Especially for Cha. She has done so much for me and our family by moving with me to the USA. We went through the challenges of pregnancy in the USA.

And here we are again!

I know it won’t be easy. Being far away from family makes pregnancy difficult. We tried inviting my mother to come over before Caspian was born. But her visa got denied. I hope that this time her application will be approved.

The least I could do is to support her in all aspects of the pregnancy. With two boys at home, we also need to manage our time well.

There are a lot of times that I feel that I am inadequate as a father. It can be challenging at times, especially when the kids act up or have a meltdown.

But this calls us to a deeper trust in God–that everything will turn out good. That the help we need will show up when we need it.

Who knows, this time, maybe we’ll have a daughter.

Oh, and I also plan to write about this process. Maybe some other Filipinos in the USA will find it helpful. So, once a month, I will post a pregnancy update.

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