Podcasts from the Philippines that I Listen To… [2017 Edition]

I love listening to podcasts. They help me learn new things about our world and they also entertain me some. Read my post on how to subscribe to podcasts if you have not done so yet.

Here’s a list of the podcasts from the Philippines, or by Filipinos that I listen to. I provide a sentence of two of what I like about them and links to some of the best episodes I have listened to.

I had a podcast back in 2014 and it ran until I moved to the United States in early 2015. There were only a handful of us, independent podcasters. Sure, there are several radio programs made available as podcasts such as “Good Times with Mo,” and some Love Radio programs. But I am glad that there are more and more podcasts that came out since 2015. Here’s a list of the home grown podcasts that I listen to.

TechShake with Paolo Rentero

The TechShake Podcast is one that I had long waited for! I enjoy listening to Mixergy, which is included in the list of International podcasts below, which is an awesome podcast about tech entrepreneurship. At some point, I also listened to the TechinAsia podcast. TechShake is a much needed podcast in the Philippines tech industry to inspire young programmers, IT practitioners, and people who like to have a startup.

Format: Paolo Rentero interviews startup founders and thought leaders in the field of startups in the Philippines.

Topics Covered: Tech, Business, Entrepreneurship

TechShake Radio is a fairly young podcast. It was launched in September 2016. But take some time to listen to their episodes.

Check out the podcast here. http://www.techshake.asia/podcasts

Follow TechShake on Facebook: /TechShakeAsia

Listen particularly to the following interview:

  • Joey Gurango, CEO and CTO of Gurango Software
  • Oliver Segovia, founder of AVA (In case you didn’t know, Oliver Segovia is probably the only Filipino writing for the Harvard Business Review right now)

The Purposeful Creative with Arriane Serafico

Launched in December 2016, this podcast is mainly for young women (in their 20s and 30s), but I like the personal journey and stories being shared by Arriane, particularly how she started in the nonprofit sector and then decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. She also gives out free resources that accompany her episodes.

Format: A lot of solo episodes telling Arriane’s story, although she has also started interviewing people.

Topics Covered: Design thinking, entrepreneurship, women empowerment

Check out The Purposeful Creative podcast at http://thepurposefulcreative.com/

Follow Arriane on Twitter: @arrianeserafico

Follow her on Facebook: /ThePurposefulCreative

Listen particularly to the following episodes:

This Filipino American Life with a bunch of Fil-Ams in California

As of this writing, I, together with my family, had been in the United States for almost 2 years. I’ve learned a lot and I continue to learn a lot. And then I discovered this podcast with a bunch of Fil-Ams in California! I have listened to a couple of episodes. And these guys are funny. The cast includes Elaine Dolalas, Michael Nailat, Joseph Bernardo, & Ryan Carpio. They’re so funny, they even make fun of Mikey Bustos! They also have an awesome logo for the podcast!

Format: Group banter

Topics Covered: Living as Fil-Ams in the USA, humor, Fil-Am Culture

Check out their episodes here: https://thisfilipinoamericanlife.com/

Follow TFAL on Facebook: /ThisFilipinoAmericanLife

  • Ang Pasko ay Sumapit
  • On Filipino Accents – This episode was funny! They talked about how they revert to the “Filipino American accent” if they talk with Filipinos or if they want to get discounts at a Filipino store. This is also the episode where they make fun of Mikey Bustos’s fake Pinoy-American accent.

FreelanceBlend with Marv de Leon

Among the homegrown podcasts I listed here, FreelanceBlend is probably the oldest one. Marv’s podcast started just a little earlier than mine did back in 2014. I am no longer a freelancer, which is why I have not listened to a lot of his episodes lately. But he has provided a lot of value to Filipino freelancers. And he has grown his brand over the past two years. Give it a listen and enhance your freelancing career. And quick disclaimer, I had been at his show, and I list that episode below.

Format: Interview, with a couple of solo episodes.

Topics Covered: Social Media, freelancing, entrepreneurship

Follow FreelanceBlend on Facebook: /FreelanceBlend

Check out the FreelanceBlend episodes: http://www.freelanceblend.com/

Two More Podcasts Worth Checking Out

There are two more podcasts that I occasionally listen to: Write Conversations with Sha Nacino and The Rise of the Pinoy by Mike Grogan. Sha Nacino is an author and has released her own podcast in December 2016. She has 5 episodes so far, but hasn’t released a new episode since December 11, 2016.

Mike Grogan, the host of The Rise of the Pinoy, is not a Filipino, he’s an Irish guy but he believes in the Filipino. I haven’t really listened to a lot of his episodes yet, but I have listened to 2 of them. I will look at his archives for guests and topics that I’d like to listen to.


I know that podcasting is fairly new in the Philippines, and there are not a lot of independently produced podcasts in the Philippines. I might not have stumbled upon some of them just yet.

If you have a podcast, or are listening to one, care to let me know and I might add it to my list of podcast subscriptions.

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