Must Have Food and Beverage in the Holy Land

While visiting the market in the Old City of Jerusalem, you’d notice the pretty strong smell of spices. It is quite the experience.

This experience is similar to entering a public market in the Philippines, except that there are no “wet goods” in the Jerusalem Old City market.

Thanks to our tour guides, we were able to try several food and drinks in the Old City. I recommend at least one must have food and two beverages in the Holy Land.

Knafeh/Kunafa/Kanafeh and Arabic Coffee

This is a dessert made out of fine semolina dough, which is soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup. It is layered with cheese! Yum!

A knafeh should be partnered with Arabic coffee, which is brewed coffee with cardamom spice!

I loved Arabic coffee the first time I tasted it in 2016 during my first trip to the Holy Land. When I get home, I will buy cardamom from the grocery so I can have it anytime I want. The knafeh, though, that might be more difficult to find.

Lemonade with Mint!

Another yummy drink is the fresh lemonade with mint! It may be frozen lemonade (kinda similar to a smoothie) with a handful of mint leaves! It is so refreshing on a hot day in the Holy Land.

I could recommend many more food–falafel, kebab, and shawarma among others! But the three items above are must have! It made my Old City visit more enjoyable. 😀

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