Why I’m Getting a Less Smart (Dumber) Phone

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I finally gave in and ordered a slightly less smart phone. It’s not exactly a dumb phone, but it is sufficiently less powerful and less feature rich than my current Moto X4 AndroidOne.

Why would I do such a thing?

Avoiding distraction and smartphone addiction

I told a friend that I needed to rethink my relationship with my phone. Even though I am not waiting for a call or text message, I just take my phone out of my pocket and scroll mindlessly on social media or any website of interest.

This mindless scrolling is taking a toll on me and my attention. My wife has complained at some point that whenever she opens Facebook, she watches a video. Before she knows it, half an hour has passed!

The makers of the devices and apps we use are aware of their very addictive nature. They may have designed products intended to keep us entertained and distracted.

If I want to avoid distraction and the perils of smartphone addiction, then I need to simplify and dumb down my smartphone access.

Spending more time on the things that matter and I’d like to focus on.

Creativity thrives on solitude and focus. If I want to keep writing and using my full attention on my work, then I need to spend more time and focus! If I am fiddling with my smartphone every 30 minutes or so, then I am not doing the work the way that I should be doing it!

And this is what I am getting: Nokia 1 AndroidOne Go Edition. It arrives tomorrow and I will post a review of how I am using this.

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