Parenting Tips: Lessons from three TED Talks

It’s not easy being a father. I thought I had issues with my dad while growing up. But now that I am a father of two sons, I understand how difficult it could be, and how I could easily make mistakes, too.

Here’s a few lessons about being a dad from a few TED Talks.

Glen Henry: It’s Okay not to know a lot of things about being a dad.

I may not be a stay-at-home dad, but Glen Henry’s talk resonated with me.

After watching the video above, I also learned that I can put diapers on my head and have a lot of fun with my son!

Kyle Seaman: Google is the Parent’s Tool!

Yes, I’ve consulted Google a number of times about parenting and being a good father!

Mr. Seaman says that children act up during “pivot points” such as meal times and toothbrush time because that is the only time that they have a say on their activities.

Girls are more behaved than boys! I have two boys and this seems to be true!

Gamification works for kids!

Gever Tulley: Kids can and should do some dangerous things!

“The most effective way to keep children safe is to give them a little taste of danger.”

These three TED talks are but a handful of the many videos about parenting and fatherhood online. I know that inter-generational parenting is perhaps the best way to raise kids. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Since we live far away from family, it’s just me and my wife who take care of our kids. I have been a father for a total of 6 and a half years and I may have learned a thing or two about fatherhood.

Bonus: If you don’t know how to hold a baby, watch the video below!

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