The Case of the Silent Drive Thru

After picking up two people from the airport, we passed by a Wendy’s Drive Thru in Kansas City before heading back to the Convention Center.

I pulled up to the microphone and speaker area to place my order.


After a minute or two, I asked “Hello, anybody there?”

Still more silence!

Because nobody replied, we decided to park and a colleague of mine went inside the restaurant to order.

It took about 20 minutes before she returned to the car and she said that that was one of the most interesting Wendy’s she’s ever been to: the supervisor was angry because the crew, all of whom were in training, and they kept messing up.

It’s not easy to be in training. You will mess up. You will make mistakes. And I totally understand that.

On the part of the management–of any organization–when there are a lot of trainees, a mentor should be present to work with them, to help them learn, and make sure that customers get the service they need and deserve.

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