We’re on the Third Trimester!

Cha’s tummy keeps growing and our little one keeps moving inside her womb. She says that Baby no. 2 moves and kicks way more than Coco did. Maybe that’s a warning that he will be even more active than Coco is!

Two boys in the house after November. We’ll have double riot at home! We have a year or so before baby no. 2 starts crawling and walking and making lots of mess at home.

We’re away from family when Cha gives birth.

About 2 months ago, we asked my mother if she could file for a leave of absence from her teaching job in the Philippines so she could visit and help us. She applied for a visa. And got a resounding, inexplicable NO. She applied again. The result was another NO!

Sometimes I feel like the results of a US Visa application process depends largely on the mood of the interviewing immigration officer at the embassy. If they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or they suffered in Manila’s life-threatening traffic, then they would probably say NO.

My mother, though, is employed by the Department of Education of the Philippines. Her pay is good, and she, together with my dad, has some properties.

But she didn’t even get a chance to show her supporting documents. The interviewing officer asked for her purpose of visit and then gave back my mom’s passport and the visa denied slip.

To be fair, I’ve never been denied a visa in more than ten years of applying for one. I also know some young people who didn’t have jobs in the Philippines who got a visa.

The visa application process will probably remain opaque and difficult to understand.

We racked our brains for reasons why her application was denied. Maybe it was because she has never gone out of the country. Or maybe it was because she still looked hale and strong even though she is already 61 years old. Perhaps, it was because we already applied for the first step of our Permanent Residence.

We’ll never really know.

So when Cha gives birth some time in November, it will be just Cha, me, and Coco. Thankfully, we have a bunch of friends in Nashville and they had been excited and helpful, too.

More checkups

As I write this, we are sitting at the waiting room of Cha’s OB-GYN. Beginning this month, Cha will visit her doctor every two weeks.

The Health Care system in the US is very different from that in the Philippines. We need to coordinate with our insurance about the details of the cost of pregnancy and also the delivery.

It will be more expensive, for sure. For our first son, we spent PhP 15,000 ($300) out of pocket. Cha’s Philhealth and SSS benefits covered more than half of the total bill.

Here in Nashville, we don’t know yet how much we’ll spend. So far, we have spent about $700 (maybe a bit more) in doctor’s fees, medicines, and other stuff.

I’ve talked to some friends about the cost of delivery but I will devote some time to talk to our insurance provider within the next two weeks. I just expect it to be expensive! It may be helpful to read and research about FAQs so I’d know what questions to ask.

But it is exciting!!

We have started buying baby’s clothes and things. Having a baby can be expensive! That is true in the Philippines, but even more so here in the USA. We will hack this process and will save money along the way!

I can’t wait for November! Our Christmas will be doubly joyful!

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