Review of Dough Knights and Dragons

Every week I write about the books that we read for my son. He is currently 4 years old and loves a good book! I am not a professional book and illustration reviewer or critic, but I can write about the book, what I think about it, and how our son reacted to it.

What the Book is About

“Dough Knights and Dragons” tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a dragon and a knight. The knight stumbles into the lair of the dragon and starts cooking. Instead of being eaten by the dragon, they developed a friendship through their mutual love of cooking and baking.

But there is a problem. In their world, dragons and knights do not become friends with each other. They are supposed to fight and kill each other. As they cooked and baked, they devised a way to save each other. They baked dough knights and dragons and ate cookies in the shape of knights and dragons. They ended up keeping their friendship, ending the tradition of killing each other, and forged peace and friendship in the land.

Book Information

Title: Dough Knights and Dragons
Author: Dee Leone
Illustrator: George Ermos
Published by Sterling Children’s Books
Text Copyright 2017 by Dee Leone
Illustration Copyright 2017 by George Ermos

Do check out the book trailer below:

About the Author & Illustrator

from the back flap jacket of the book:

Dee Leone lives in a castle with a moat (drainage ditch), turret (chimney), and numerous knights (chess pieces). She’s married to Sir Runs-a-Lot, and her royal line includes two dragon-loving, sword-collecting damsels. She’s been a tutor of college math and has taught any subjects at the elementary level. Her published scrolls include twenty reproducible books and numerous poems, plays, puzzles, and stories written for children’s magazines.

George Ermos is an illustrator based in the United Kingdom. He was raised on stories of round tables, knights, and castles, so it’s only fitting that this story found its way into his studio. In his free time George rides his bicycle, reads a bunch, and rides his bicycle some more.

Values or Lessons

The book explores the topic of friendship and creatively finding ways to save each other. It’s also a great way to talk to kids about food, how it’s made, and how it can bring people together. The book also shows that in spite of differences, people can still be friends.


The illustration takes its cue from well-established fantasy tropes such as the map, dragons, knights, and other medieval elements. But the drawings are cool and elicited a sense of wonder in our 4-year old.

Fun Factor

After reading the book, our son got interested in baking, cooking, and eating. He also had fun at the ingenious way that the dragon and the knight avoided being killed and eaten.


Overall, Dough Knights and Dragons is a fun book about friendship, cooking, baking, eating, and finding ways to protect friends.

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