A Review of Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder

Every week I write about the books that we read for my son. He is currently 4 years old and loves a good book! I am not a professional book and illustration reviewer or critic, but I can write about the book, what I think about it, and how our son reacted to it.

What the Book is About

“Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder” is a story about pirates and Christmas! Captain Bling and his band of pirates were looking for plunder on Christmas eve and they found themselves at the North Pole. They found the house of Santa Claus. They made off with all the toys from Santa’s home. Santa gave chase but eventually gave himself up to the pirates.

Santa checked his list of naughty and nice. But because Captain Bling and his pirates had been naughty, they had never received Christmas gifts. That’s probably why “they acted so rotten, thinking nobody cared… but they’d just been forgotten.”

After being promised their gifts, they seem to have kidnapped Santa! But as it turned out, they were merely helping him deliver gifts for boys and girls. All’s well that ends well with a ship pulled aloft by Santa’s flying reindeer.

Book Information

Title: Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder
Author: Rebecca Colby
Illustrator: Rob McClurkan
Published by Albert Whitman & Company
Text Copyright 2017 by Rebecca Colby
Illustration Copyright 2017 by Rob McClurkan
No. of pages: 30

About the Author & Illustrator

from the back flap jacket:

Rebecca Colby enjoys traveling, new adventures, and searching for treasure. Although she’s never plundered Santa’s workshop, she has been known to steal a Christmas cookie or two. Originally from New England, she crossed the sea many years ago and currently lives in England. Visit her online at www.rebeccacolbybooks.com.

Rob McClurkan loves Christmas. He loves decorating the tree while he swashbuckles his way through tasty morsels. When he’s not painting pretty pictures for books, you will him at flea markets looking for treasures. He especially loves finding vintage children’s books. Rob lives with his wife and two kiddies near Atlanta, Georgia. To see more of Rob’s work, visit www.seerobdraw.com.

Values or Lessons

Captain Bling’s Christmas Plunder tackles a sensitive topic about naughty kids. Even naughty kids need to feel that they are valued and loved — and sometimes that means receiving gifts. At the end of the book, they ended up helping Santa Claus in delivering the gifts to all the kids on Christmas eve.


Although Captain Bling and his pirates got gifts and helped Santa, the book’s plot may make it appear that they twisted Santa’s arm just to get their gifts. Or that Santa was forced to give them gifts so they wouldn’t drop him to the sea.


The colors are vivid and bright and facial expressions are captured well in the pages of the book.

Fun Factor

The text of the book comes in rhymes and when I read it to my son, I imitated the sing-song-ish pirates’ voice. It was a lot of fun reading it!

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