NPR’s Curious Nashville: A Podcast about Nashville TN

I moved to Nashville about 2 years ago. While I drive to and from Nashville every morning and afternoon, I am curious about the stories and histories that come from this city. A lot of office mates are not Nashville natives, themselves.

I read a bit about Nashville online. I also tried finding some books about this city. Thankfully, I listened to Nashville’s NPR station one morning on the way to work and discovered a podcast called “Curious Nashville.”

The podcast is part history, part trivia, part education about this cool city. There’s an episode that tells about the story of why Nashville is Music City. Another one tells the story about tunnels, interesting tombstones, a grave, and even the most disastrous train wreck in the country. Another episode explores the time that Jimi Hendrix came to the city briefly on his way to fame.

It debuted in February 2016 and still goes on today. On the Curious Nashville section on the Nashville NPR website, there’s a form where people can ask questions and those questions can become the bases for new episodes.

Here are some of my favorite episodes.

The year Jimi Hendrix jammed on Jefferson Street – This chronicles part of the journey of Jimi Hendrix. It also talks about the rich musical and artistic history of Jefferson Street.

The Life and Death of an Old House in Boomtown – This had been a great episode about how big changes are happening in Nashville. The reporter traced the story of the people who used to own the house, and then she followed the remains of the house to the landfill where they were dumped at. In a city that’s growing by leaps and bounds, this episode showed the sad reality of how old, historical homes are being demolished and replaced by newer homes.

Look for Curious Nashville on your favorite podcast app on iTunes or Android.

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