Paw Patrol’s Rider on Lookout

Every Tuesday, I post a photo of my son’s toys.

My wife visited a local Fred’s store a few months ago. She brought our son to the store. When he saw this particular Paw Patrol Lookout play set, he took hold of it and did not want to let go! Since we didn’t plan on buying a toy, this was not on the budget.

Our son cried loudly and threw a mini-tantrum inside the store. But my wife’s cool demeanor eventually won out and our son let it go.

The next day, I bought the play set and I kept it in my car. I planned to give it to him as a surprise 2 weeks later. When that day came, he was overjoyed. He already owns some Paw Patrol pup figures so he played with this for hours everyday for almost a month.

You can check out the Paw Patrol Lookout playset at Amazon.

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