PAPASaurus by Stephan Lomp

Every week I write about the books that we read for my son. He is currently 4 years old and loves a good book! Most of the books come from the Nashville Public Library. Although we buy a good book or two every now and then. I am not a professional book and illustration reviewer or critic, but I can write about the book, what I think about it, and how our son reacted to it.

Book Information

Title: PapaSaurus
Author: Stephan Lomp
Illustrator: Stephan Lomp
Published by Chronicle Books San Francisco
Copyright 2017 by Stephan Lomp

About the Author

Stephan Lomp studied visual communications and has been a freelance illustrator since 1996. He started his children’s book career by illustrating books by other authors in Germany, and now both writes and illustrates his own books in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and the United States. He lives with his family in Dusseldorf, Germany. Check out his website at


The book is about Babysaurus playing hide-and-seek with his dad, Papasaurus. They are both brontosaurus. The book is a snapshot of a day in Babysaurus’ life when he had to seek his Papa, who was hiding.

Babysaurus asks other dinosaur kids if they saw his Papasaurus. Along the way, the reader gets to learn about the characteristics of other dinosaurs.

In the end, Babysaurus finds and discovers where Papasaurus hid and they get to play again with each other.


As Babysaurus and the reader learns about the characters of the other dinosaurs, you can talk to your child about how people are different and unique. It can also be fun to talk about the traits and characteristics of Daddy that your child loves.


The illustrations and colors of the characters in the book standout against the black background. The white text also helps a young reader follow the words.

Fun Factor

Our son enjoyed this book. He loved seeing how Babysaurus asked different dinosaurs where his Papasaurus was. He also pointed at the different types of dinosaurs that he can identify. He also invited me to play Hide-and-seek right after reading this book.

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