Along Came a Child…

It was an ordinary July (2012) week for me and my wife. Except that her period was delayed for two days. I didn’t want to hope too much because by that time, we had been waiting and praying for a baby to come along.

On the third day, we finally got a Pregnancy test kit and it came back with two lines! Positive! We were pregnant!

I couldn’t contain my joy and happiness. I was going to be a father. My heart swelled! I couldn’t believe how much love I was feeling–for my wife and our soon-to-be-born child. Continue reading

Surviving Our Son’s Stomach Bug Woes

On the third Sunday of March, after our son’s fever, he had what seemed like diarrhea. But it didn’t progress beyond the day, so we weren’t worried at all. On Monday, we even went out for a nice walk at the lake.

But the next morning, after he went to school, I got a call from one of the staff at his preschool. She told me that we needed to pick him up and bring him home. He had been to the restroom twice within 2 hours! I thought “that can’t be good.”

A Trip to the ER

Thankfully, within 30 minutes, my wife picked him up and got him settled at home. I stayed at work and just went through my day just like any normal day at the office. But when I got home that afternoon, he couldn’t keep anything down. He was vomiting and his diarrhea showed no signs of letting up. By 7:45 p.m. after several times of vomiting, we decided to bring him to the E.R.

They did some tests. The medical technologist at the triage said that our son probably had flu since that was the main thing that people complained about. We got more worried, thanks to that well-meaning (or maybe not) medical guy. Continue reading

“You’re a good dad, Tatay”

It’s amazing how perceptive kids are. Their questions and insights can sometimes be so profound you just become speechless.

One time Coco and I went to the library to return some books and borrow new ones. I was listening to an audiobook for fathers. When I was pulling out of the library to turn into another street, the audiobook mentioned some tips on being a good father.

From the back of the car, Coco said: “you’re a good dad, Tatay.” I was taken aback. Of course I felt flattered. And I just asked him about the things he loves doing with me. He mentioned the rough play we usually do, the times that we color the images on his coloring books, the way we play cars and other toys.

My work requires me to travel quite a bit and on those times, I terribly miss my wife and my son. I especially miss those moments that my son asks questions and talks with me, and surprises me with affectionate, profound words.