Buhay Stateside: A Filipino’s Guide to Moving, Working, and Living in the USA

Back in November 2014, I applied for work that needs a person to be based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I don’t have any family or relatives in the USA. To be honest, prior to that, I didn’t really plan to go abroad.

But it happened. Long story short, I got accepted, we started processing our visa and documents.

By June 2015, I moved to Nashville. Two months later, my wife and son followed. We now have a total of two years experience moving, working, and living in the USA. It was tough. But we learned a lot.

If you are about to move there, too, or if you’ve been living there and need some tips, I hope that our story and the lessons we’ve learned will help you.

I have written several articles that can help you in moving, working, and living in the USA. If you have questions, please use our Contact Form here. I am still expanding the list of articles here. In the next weeks, I will keep writing and posting until we have a sizable list of tips, how-tos and stories to help you move, work, and live in the USA.

Before You Move

How NOT to Freak Out about Moving to the USA

Moving out of the country and starting over in a new one is really a big move. And it’s okay to feel worry and anxiety as you prepare for the big move.

How to Convince Your Spouse to Move to the USA

So how did I convince my wife to move halfway across the world with me? The short answer is I did not.

How to Apply for a US Visa to Work in the USA

Here’s a few tips on how to apply for a US Visa to work in the USA. This process is a bit different compared to applying for a tourist visa.

How to Look for an Apartment in the USA

You’ve accepted a job offer to work in the USA; and you got your visa approved. It feels more real now… you are really going to the United States to work! The next step is to plan for your move and search for a place to stay in the USA.

The Art of Packing and Letting Go of Things that Won’t fit into Your Luggage

Packing is a challenge. If you’re moving out of the country, you need to bring only the essentials and let go of anything you probably won’t need.

Living in the USA

How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in the USA

If your Philippine passport expires and you need a new one, here’s how to renew your Philippine passport in the USA.