Where to Eat Filipino Food in and around Nashville TN

For people like us who grew up in the Philippines, our palates and taste buds will always long for the familiar taste and smell of Filipino cooking.

Thankfully, several restaurants in Nashville offer Filipino food and cooking.

If you’re missing food from the homeland, here’s the list of where to eat Filipino food in and around Nashville, TN. The list below is not ranked. Instead, I organized them based on relative distance away from downtown Nashville.

Sunda New Asian

Sunda New Asian is located at the hip new place in Nashville called Gulch. My family and I don’t usually frequent this area. And when we visited Sunda New Asian, we discovered just how much Nashville is becoming a “bachelorette party” city. I told my wife: “where did all these well dressed ladies come from?”

It is not technically a Filipino restaurant, but it features several Asian cuisines, including the Philippines. I’m not a foodie but I think it could be considered as Asian fusion restaurant.

When you visit, you should try the following food food:

  • Pork Skewers – or Pork BBQ tusok-tusok back in the homeland.
  • Pork Adobo Fried Rice
  • Island breakfast plate – their version of the uber popular ‘silog.’ Check out their Tocino, Longanisa, or Spam silog!
  • Sisig!
  • Sunda Sundae, which is their version of Pinoy halo-halo

For the full menu, please visit this link: http://sundanewasian.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SN_Dinner_Fall2019.pdf

Ate’s Filipino Kitchen

Ate’s Filipino Kitchen is technically not a sit-down restaurant. Rather it is a pop-up restaurant that opens at the Nashville Farmers Market on select days of the month.

I have not personally gone to this pop-up, but I personally know Sophia, the owner, and I can attest that she is a great cook!

Must try foods:

  • Lumpia
  • Chicken Adobo
  • Sinangag or Garlic fried rice
  • kare-kare

They’ve been featured at the Nashville Scene magazine. Read it here: https://www.nashvillescene.com/food-drink/bites/article/20856762/better-know-a-chef-sophia-agtarap-of-ates-filipino-kitchen

MaeMax Market & Restaurant

This is not just a restaurant. It actually is a small grocery where you can buy Filipino products. We frequently visit them to buy veggies such as talong, ampalaya, and malunggay–so that I could enjoy good Pinakbet at home! They also carry sardines, bangus, galunggong, siopao, sitsiria, and Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdog!

Their space is pretty big–half is dedicated to the grocery section and the other half has a turo-turo or cafeteria style restaurant. You can have combo meals with 2 or 3 ulam with rice or order food ala carte.

My only complaint is that they are located in La Vergne, which is about 40 minutes away from my workplace and home. So I can’t just go there for lunch.

If you are organizing a party, they can also cook for your group. It was so good!

Must try foods:

  • Lechon – we once ordered lechon pork belly for our second son’s first birthday. It was so good!
  • Sisig – Whenever you miss Sisig from Dencio’s or Gerry’s visit Maemax.

Other Filipino Restaurants I haven’t visited yet:

Here are two other Filipino restaurants I found in the Clarksville area, which is about an hour away northwest of where we live. That probably explains why I haven’t visited them yet. I will update this post.

Manila Cuisine and Subs Submarina

Nora’s Filipino Market

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