Why should Socks Match anyway?

While waiting in line for security at the Nashville International Airport, I noticed something unusual.

You need to take your laptop out of your bag, empty your pockets out, remove your shoes, and try to be patient as you go through security.

For a lot of us, we don’t want to be caught dead doing anything out of the ordinary.

But there is this one guy who had mismatched socks.

It got me thinking about all the possible back story of why he picked the wrong pair of socks.

Maybe he didn’t get enough sleep last night. I certainly did not. My flight was at 7:20 am and airports recommend arriving there 2 hours before the flight. On top of that, our 8-month baby was awake between 1-2 am so I definitely got little sleep.

But I still got a proper pair of socks–matching brown ones!

I didn’t get a chance to ask him. But maybe it is a statement. It’s just a way for him to deviate from the norm.

Who said that socks needed to match anyway?

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