Transitions are Always Messy

When I was a child, I saw the highway in our small town transform from a dirt road to a paved highway. A lot of trucks and heavy equipment worked on the roads.

It took 2-4 years for the highway between our town and the next one got completed.

While waiting for it to be done, we endured traffic, dust, and a lot of inconvenience.

Similarly, when moving to a new house or apartment, it takes a while to make the house feel like a home.

Since moving to our new apartment, we dumped boxes and other things that we’re not yet ready to fix to the extra bedroom. It’s still a mess.

These images–the road under construction and a house yet to be fixed–just show how messy transitions could be.

Transitions in life or work will be messy. Which is why planning is such an important process to do beforehand. Part of careful planning is to define the Plan Z or the worst case scenario. Because even with careful planning, there are still a lot of factors that will compromise even the best laid plans.

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