Something Unexpected Always Shows Up

Something unexpected always shows up. I’ve been learning this throughout my life.

Google Maps’ estimated time of travel is almost always shorter than the actual travel. If you’re planning an event or a wedding, a storm can derail your bets laid plans. I am so glad that it didn’t rain when my wife and I got married.

I learned the importance of Plans B and Plans Z when I organized an international event in 2014 and a very strong typhoon literally destroyed the venue of our event! Roofs caved in or the wind blew them away. Glass doors shattered. Electricity was cut off. The venue was literally unsafe after the typhoon.

We had to evacuate and find a new venue within 24 hours. Thankfully we did.

The unexpected can come in various ways. It could a decision-maker who suddenly shots down your project. It could be a traffic jam. (By the way, the traffic in Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA was bad!) It could be a storm. Or it could be a health issue.

As they say, expect the unexpected. Another way of saying it is that you can plan all you want but your plan may go awry.

Does that mean, we should not plan at all? Not at all. It means that you need to account for the unexpected and be ready to respond if it shows up.

As the Stoic philosophers recommend: act on the matters what you can control, accept matters that you cannot control.

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