The Inevitability of Routines

We humans are creatures of habit. There are a set of things that we do regularly, in a particular sequence and manner.

Case in point. What did you do first right after waking up? If you’re like me and millions of others, you probably picked up your phone first to turn off your alarm (right!). That first activity in the morning will be followed by dozens of tasks and activities.

Often, these tasks are automatic, you don’t even think about doing them anymore. You’ve just been used to doing one thing after another in a particular sequence and manner.

Most of our routines and habits are helpful. Several are not. To improve our productivity, and efficiency, we need to think about the sequence of the actions that make up our routine. Then, let’s think about the time it takes for us to do our

To improve our lives and work more productivity, it helps to rethink our routines and habits.

Actions and Tasks that make up a routine.

We have routines in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, routines include making the bed, preparing and eating breakfast, taking a shower, preparing for work, and then commuting to work.

In the evening, it may include dinner, half hour of watching Netflix, drinking a glass of wine, and then winding down for bed, washing up, and then going to bed.

At work, we may have several routines related to doing our job.

Reasons behind Routines

If we evaluated how we use our time and how we go through our days, which tasks and activities would be helpful? And which ones are actually harming us?

Understanding our motivation and the reasons why we do the activities that make up our routines will root out the helpful and the harmful ones.

Removing activities and introducing new ones will enrich our lives and help us live more productive, fulfilling lives.

Would you be enriched by meditation? Will your life improve by reducing the amount of time you spend watching TV?

Playing around with the sequence of our tasks and activities will also lead to better use of time. While doing house chores, I listen to podcast or catch up with the audiobooks I’m interested in. This is probably the only and best way to multitask.

Routines are inevitable, but they can be tweaked, improved, and in so doing, they can transform our lives and work.

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