Keeping Track of the People I Meet

When I was in high school, I toyed with the idea of writing in my journal about the people I interacted daily–their personalities, their quirks, and other aspects of their lives.

I probably wrote down my impression of 3 friends and that’s it, the list never grew.

In my line of work now, I get to meet a lot of people. They get introduced to me or we get to work together for a program or a project. Or it may have been a simple conversation at an event or a meeting.

My problem is, the next time I see them, I may recognize their faces but I would totally forget their names and other details of how I knew them.

So, today, I started a new practice of writing down the names of the people I meet, the circumstances in which I met them, anything interesting about them, and other details that I remember. It’s a pretty cool way to keep track of the people I meet and will help me remember them the next time we meet.

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