Dealing with Murphy’s Law

Since my early days as a youth leader of our church in the Philippines, I have observed “Murphy’s Law” at work.

What can go wrong WILL go wrong.

Often at just the perfectly wrong moment.

  • When you need to print a hundred pages or more, the printer breaks down.
  • When you’re trying to open a crucial document, the USB drive gets infected by a virus.
  • Sometimes, the weather does not even cooperate! The worst thing that I have ever experienced in an event is a typhoon that destroyed the venue of our international event in 2014!

Which is why, it is important to have Plans B. As I have often joked with friends and colleagues, it doesn’t hurt to have a Plan Z!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Being able to define the worst case scenario helps you prepare for contingencies and identify the things that you can control from those that you cannot.

This may sounds like being pessimistic. But I’d say this is being realistic and prepared.

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