Loving and Recommitting to the Craft of Writing

Back in college, I tried to master playing the acoustic guitar. I also wanted to become a published writer. On any given week, I was practicing the guitar for about 2 hours, 4-5 times a week. I also kept a journal and wrote for my college’s paper. At some point, a friend of mine recruited me to write for a magazine for high school students.

I found myself too busy with guitar and writing, on top of all my academic requirements. So I decided to focus on writing and cut back on the time I spent playing the guitar. (Did I mention that I only borrowed guitars because I couldn’t afford to buy one?)

Since then, I have published three books in the Philippines and wrote chapters for three other books. So my decision to focus on writing have paid off.

But life happened. I have not written all that much since moving to Nashville 4 years ago. I accepted a new job that took me halfway around the world. It has also shifted my priorities. I have a loving wife and two young sons who are growing so fast.

With a young, growing family, worries and anxieties come a-knocking on my door.

I realized that life takes a turn to the fast lane in my thirties.

In Jesus’ parable about the sower, I sometimes feel that the seeds that fell among the thorns represent my life at this season. Being in this fast lane can feel overwhelming.

In the past, I would find refuge in my journal–writing my rants and reflections–or in my blog. But I have not been able to do that consistently. Heck, sometimes, I don’t even find time to slow down, meditate, and take in the broader view of my current situation.

This past week, I started a 21-Day Freedom Challenge organized by DailyStoic.com. For a few months now, I have also been reading the Daily Stoic devotional. I have been reminded of the importance of loving one’s craft.

Loving and pursuing a craft is not just about the finished product.
It is as much about practice.
It is about process.
It is about slugging through the times when you would rather watch Netflix or go to bed.
And it is about commitment to doing it daily–over and over again, page after page.

Sometimes you will write something great. Most times, they will be bland and uninteresting.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is to sit down and write.

Let your fingers kiss the keys. Eventually, the words will come and they will form paragraphs, articles, and maybe even a book!

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