Kindergarten Blues: Bus or Car?

Coco’s school is close enough to our apartment. It’s a little over 2 miles away. When we were preparing him for Kindergarten, we talked about the transportation situation. Metro Nashville Public Schools a school bus for kids who live within a certain distance from the school.

For the first month of Kindergarten, we told him that I will drop him off at his school in the morning. And in the afternoon, he will ride the bus home. He agreed.

Every time he gets home in the afternoon, he rides with a bunch of other kids from our apartment complex. He has made some friends, and so the bus ride is pretty enjoyable for him.

It was perhaps a little too enjoyable that he said he wanted to ride the bus in the morning, too!

That presented a bit of dilemma for us.

He tends to wake up in the morning and being the 5-year old that he is, he would dawdle. He wanted to spend an extra 5-10 minutes lying in bed, half-asleep, when we try to wake him in the morning.

And then, he would spend another 25-35 minutes eating breakfast. Then, another 30-40 minutes to take a bath, brush his teeth, and prepare for school! That pretty much ensures that we leave home just in time for us to arrive about 10 minutes before his class time.

For him to ride the bus, we needed to adjust our morning routines at least 20 minutes earlier! That would be even tougher in the winter!

But to be honest, I like driving with him, then dropping him off at school.

The drive is just about 15 minutes. And I love that morning drive. We get to talk and bond for a bit before I drop him off. I get to ask him some questions about school, what he’s excited for, and which of his classmates he plays with a lot! We also get to sing some silly songs or just goof with each other on the way to school.

Last week, he told me several times that he wanted me to park and walk with him to his classroom. He wanted me to look at a “surprise” that was posted on the wall right outside their classroom.

I told him that I needed to go to work.

Thankfully, last Thursday, the school hosted a meeting night for parents. My wife and I walked with him to his classroom and saw his artwork!

They were told to color the fish and then write something about it. He wrote the following:

“I like the little Blue fish. It got sad a lot and happy Becuase th Rainbow fish gave a skale to him just one.”

For a Kindergartner, that is some awesome writing and sentence construction. Of course, his “P’s” are not yet facing the right direction, but he’s making significant progress in his reading and writing skills.

We got to meet some of his teachers and his classmates.

One of the teachers at the school told us that our son is being considered to be tested for the advance learners program at his elementary!

This should be an interesting school year.



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