How to subscribe to The Filipino Channel (TFC)

Although I didn’t really watch teleseryes in the Philippines, I didn’t realize how much I took for granted the sources of news and entertainment on TV in the Philippines. So we explored our options and eventually subscribed to The Filipino Channel.

For Filipinos living in the USA, there are three ways to subscribe.

Check with your cable provider if they carry The Filipino Channel.

I know that in Nashville, Comcast Xfinity has TFC. In other states, other cable providers also have it.

You can subscribe to their web-based service on The good thing about this is that you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies directly in a browser or on their app. It comes with a 3-tier pricing model: Basic (Free), Lite ($4.95) and Premium ($7.95). To subscribe, please go to this link:

Subscribe to TFC through their IPTV box.

This is the option that we chose. They sent us a box, which we needed to connect to our internet connection, and then connected it to our TV via HDMI. It is like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast. Once it is set up, you can navigate to its user interface and enjoy watching shows.

We wanted to have the flexibility of watching shows on our own time and not when they are scheduled to be shown on the linear viewing. We also did not need too many channels, either. We settled for the $16.99 monthly subscription option. So far it worked great and we get to enjoy occasional Pay-Per-View movies.

Head over to to subscribe.

One of the unexpected benefits we got from subscribing to TFC is that we got to expose our son to programs using the Filipino language. He loved watching “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids Edition.” He started imitating some of the tagalog words he heard on screen and we got to teach him some Filipino words.

I don’t watch TFC as much, but it’s a good way to catch up with trends and shows back home from time to time.

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