My Reliable Swiss Gear 21-Inch Carryon Luggage

My work requires me to travel internationally frequently. And that is why it’s very important for me to have reliable checkin and carryon luggage.

For 5-10 days of travel, I have found the right carryon luggage. I can still have it checked to my final destination usually. But if I carry it with me into the plane, I can take it and go out of the airport right away. No waiting at the baggage claim area.

My reliable carryon luggage is a 21-inch dark grey SwissGear spinner luggage.

Spacious! I can fit in about 15 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, a pair of shoes, my slippers, and several underwear & socks.

Ease of Use

The spinner wheels are great. They make the luggage really easy to haul inside the airport even when I have to run to get to my next gate. Although, when I was at the Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea, the carpeting at the transfer desk made it a little difficult to push it upright. It was better to let it lean forward and drag it behind me.

The zippers are made of metal and they’re easy to close or open. They have not hit any snag. So it closes easily. I can also secure my clothes inside the luggage thanks to 2 adjustable belts for my clothes.

It has two outside pockets but you cannot really pack a lot of things in these pockets. You can put socket adapters in these pockets or some small items, but don’t let it become too bulky.

The luggage is also expandable in case you wanted to pack a little bit more clothes. I can easily pick it up and place on the overhead bins thanks to handles on all the sides of the bag. It fits perfectly on most airplanes overhead bins.

It comes with a small plastic bag for your toiletries. It comes in handy to organize my toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, travel shampoo, lotion, nail clipper, and other toiletries.


My only complaint is the retractable handle. You need to really pull it all the way up to be able to use it. Sometimes it extends a little too high and I cannot easily adjust it. Also, the back of the luggage also tends to have small sag on either side. I don’t know if I packed it too much and it became too heavy, or if that is because of the luggage’s structural weakness.

I bought this luggage on April 2017 for $72.29. Let’s see how long it lasts and what will be the cause of its breakdown. I will update this post a year from now to see how my luggage fares.

I totally recommend this carryon luggage. Do check it out on Amazon.

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