My 2017 in Books (or a Report on my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge)

The annual Reading Challenge by Goodreads is an awesome way to inspire people to read and log the books they read on the site. In 2014, I read 40 books; 60 books in 2015; 52 books in 2016; and 15 books in 2017.

Here are some interesting tidbits for my year in books:

I read a total of 15 books in 2017.

That is significantly less than my usual 40-52 books a year over the 4 years. But that’s okay. Earlier this year, I decided to read only 12 books so I could spend more time thinking about and digesting the books I read.

I don’t regret doing it. Here’s a screenshot of the books I read:

Genres of the Books I Read

  • Fiction: 4
    • Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 3 (Magnus Chase & the Sword of Summer, Oathbringer, & The Graveyard Book)
    • Literary, Short Story Collection: 1 (The Best Place on Earth)
  • Nonfiction: 11
    • Parenting books: 2 (PapaDaddy’s Book for New Fathers, Man vs Child)
    • History: 3 (Over the Edge of the World, Empires of the Sea, The Lost History of Christianity)
    • Personal Finance: 2 (The Index Card, Your Money or Your Life)
    • Creativity: 1 (Walking in this World)
    • Other nonfiction: 1 (Hamilton the Revolution)

Formats of the Books I Read

I am really impressed with the public library system of Nashville (and the US in general). Out of these 15 books, I only paid for 2 of them! Everything else I borrowed from the library.

Interestingly, I have consumed most of these books in audiobook format. I used two apps: Overdrive and Hoopla, which are connected to my Nashville Public Library account.

  • Listened exclusively to Audiobook format: 9 (Over the Edge of the World; Empires of the Sea; Papadaddy’s Book for New Fathers; The Index Card; Man vs Child; The Graveyard Book; Smarter, Faster, Better; Your Money or Your Life; and Hamilton)
  • Read exclusively in print format: 3 (Sparks, The Best Place on Earth, and Walking in this World)
  • Multi-format reading (combination of audiobook, ebook, or print book): 3 (Magnus Chase & the Sword of Summer; Oathbringer; and The Lost History of Christianity.)

I think I have mastered multi-format reading. I feel that I can read through a book more quickly because I can still listen to the audio while doing something else like driving, cooking, or doing other chores at home. I also do speed reading from time to time.

Goodreads generates a report for each user for each year. Mine can be found here: I learned through this link that the shortest book I read is 192 pages while the longest is a humongous doorstopper of a book, which clocks in at 1,243 pages!

Books by Filipino Authors?

That’s my regret for this year. I have not really read a book by a Filipino author, with one exception. I read the work of a friend–an Ilokano fantasy novel entitled “Panangsapul iti Puraw a Kabalio” (Searching for the White Horse) by Ariel S. Tabag. It’s just that he has not uploaded the book on Goodreads yet.

That is one of my goals for 2018 — to read more books by Filipino authors. I still have plenty of print books here at home. For 2018, my target is to read at least 15 books. Some of these books may be “lighter” in subject matter, and that’s partly because I will be very busy the first half of the year.

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