High Sierra Loop — My Very Useful, Inexpensive Travel Backpack

In addition to my carryon luggage, I am really glad I found the perfect backpack. Let me begin this post by saying that I don’t care about high end (aka expensive) gear. I am after function, convenience, and it’s even better if I get it inexpensively.

I tend to keep my backpacks for several years. As long as they work and they don’t look like they’ve been picked up from the dump, I will keep using them.

My former backpack was a 1400-peso Adidas backpack, which I bought in the Philippines in 2014. It has been with me to South Africa, Germany, and the United States. A friend of mine who works at Goodwill gifted me with a smaller UnderArmour backpack from Goodwill. Yes I got it secondhand and I don’t mind using it.

Stumbling onto the Best Backpack

I looked online for the best travel backpack that I could use. I finally stumbled onto the High Sierra Loop. It costs $34 on Amazon and I just added it to my wishlist.

One day, though, I went to Marshall’s in Nashville and found it on sale. I bought it for only $21 after tax! It was such a great find!

Here’s what I like about it.

Compartments, lots of compartments! Its biggest compartment is perfect for a shirt, a pair of shorts, my light jacket, a pair of undies and socks, together with my sketchpad and journal.

The next biggest compartment is perfect for my Microsoft Surface — a tablet-laptop hybrid that I bring with me on my trips. It’s lightweight and small and quite easy to take out for airport security screening.

It also has compartment for my pens, chargers, and other tech stuff. Two small pockets can fit my passport and sunglasses and also my earphones. It’s easy to reach out under the seat in front of me in an airplane to get any of these things.

This backpack also features a suspension strap system that helps me carry it. My backpacks in the past tend to breakdown at the carrying straps and hopefully this suspension strap system will help me keep the straps working for a long time.

It’s a bit heavy when it’s full, but I can always put it on top of my SwissGear carryon luggage so I can let my poor back rest.

This backpack has been with me in Mongolia, Malaysia, and Portugal. It will also come with me to the Philippines right as this post goes live.

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