Boss Baby Airport Scene and Our Son’s Emotional Response

We watched Boss Baby on a Friday night in August. It has its funny moments. I mean it has kids talking and sometimes acting like adults, Tim is cute, and even Boss Baby is cute!

But somewhere in the middle of the movie, our son looked really stricken and sad. He even cried! Here’s why.

Spoilers Ahead!

Without spilling too many spoilers, the movie is about Boss Baby and his secret mission to infiltrate the life of the Templeton family. He works for Baby, Co. and he needed to discover the secret plans of their major competitor Puppy, Co. Baby, Co. needs to stay competitive because the competition is about to launch a game-changing new puppy.

Boss Baby wasn’t really a member of the Templeton family and he upended Tim’s life, who was used to being the only kid. Long story short, they made peace after an initial period of conflict. Boss Baby needed to know what the new Puppy, Co product was and Tim was going to help him. In return, Boss Baby will be gone from the Templeton’s lives.

Airport Scene: Parents Leaving, Kids Chasing

Sometimes while watching movies, our son doesn’t want to watch the scary scenes. He would hide from a wall to avoid the scenes on TV. I don’t know why, but maybe he feels a little too emotionally involved or his adrenaline just might shoot up in those moments.

(Just an aside, when my wife was still 5 or 6 months pregnant with Coco, we watched the first Thor movie. Because of the sound effects, maybe the storyline, or just because of her hormones or moods, she got nervous and her heart rate shoot up. Now, I look back to that moment and wonder if our son got some nervous moments in the womb that somehow still affects him today.)

Coco Getting Emotional Over a Particular Scene at the Airport

Watch the video clip below. Skip to the 7:25 mark to see the particular scenes I’m talking about. Tim and Boss Baby chased their parents to the airport. But they did not make it. So the parents went into the airplane without so much as a glance at Tim and Boss Baby.

That is when our son looked really stricken and sad. He looked like he was going to cry.

I asked him why he felt sad… and then he cried and said “because the parents left the kids.”

At first, I wanted to laugh for a few seconds. And I realized just how serious that moment was for him. Maybe he was starting to put himself onto the shoes of Tim who tried but failed to reach his parents in time to save them from the bad guy. It really looked as if the parents went into the airplane and intentionally left the kids.

I cannot quite remember my emotions when I was 4 years old. But I believe that these kinds of feelings are very real for kids. And so, I put my arms around his shoulders and told him that we will never leave him at the airport by just by himself.

Sticking Together as a Family

Coco is our only child (at least for now) and I think that he has a strong understanding of what family is like. We assured him that we will never leave him like that in the house or at the airport.

We’ve been at the airport as a family several times–the first when we traveled from the Philippines to the USA in 2015. Then last year, we traveled from Nashville to Manila and back because of the death of my father-in-law. So he has an idea of what an airport looks like and how scary it can be to be left all by himself.

That’s us in a plane on the way to the Philippines.

Our son is usually headstrong, but he does display his more sensitive emotions every now and then. Whatever his personality is going to be, it’s fun to see it develop.

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