Korea House Restaurant in West Nashville: Review (sort of…)

Just a big disclaimer. I am not a foodie. I like eating, especially the food that my wife prepares. I’m also the guy who could eat just about anything! Obviously, I am not Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsay. I’m a guy with simple tastes. Every now and then, I post reviews of restaurants that we visit. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I took a day off on my son’s first day of school. I helped prepare his things, and then my wife and I took him to school.

Ever since we had a child, we have not had a lot of opportunities to go on dates just by ourselves. Almost always, our couple dates have become family dates. Because it was our son’s first day of school, we took advantage of our chance to go on a lunch date.

We looked for a nice Korean restaurant and decided to try Korea House. It had an overall rating of 4.6 stars on Google Maps. I also search best korean restaurants in nashville and Korea House was listed by Nashville Eater first in a list of 5 Should Not Miss Korean Restaurants. We’ve been to Hai Woon Dai, also recommended by Nashville Eater (located in Antioch), so we decided to give it a try.

Korea House is also rated by Nashville Scene Magazine as the Best Korean Restaurant 11 years in a row! We saw that on the menu and on display inside the restaurant.


Korea House is located at West Town Plaza, a strip mall in West Nashville. It has a simple, unassuming location. We looked it up on Google Maps (410 Charlotte Pike, Ste 108) and followed the directions. Twenty-five minutes later, we arrived there.

Traffic could be bad in the West Nashville area. You might want to allot extra time for that.

The facade of the building is a simple one, with an ordinary looking sign. There’s plenty of parking space in this strip mall. We arrived there at 11:30am on a Tuesday. It wasn’t busy at all. I guess, we were ahead of the lunch-seeking pack in the area.

They open at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00pm. A waitress welcomed us to the restaurant, led us to a table, and gave us the menu. She could have been more smiling and welcoming. I don’t know if that was a cultural thing or not.


The interior of the restaurant is unassuming. Several tables are set against the wall. Some decorations hang on the wall, and several frames adorn the wall opposite the door. It’s not romantic, or overtly “Korean.” But then, I don’t have a lot of exposure to Korean culture beyond a little bit of K-pop. So I wouldn’t really know what to look for.

I didn’t mind it to be that way at all.

There’s a big fan, and some frames on the wall. But the ambiance is really unassuming.


First off, the food is really good and very reasonably priced! My wife ordered Bibimbap, which is a mixture of stir fried beef, veggies, rice, and fried eggs. I ordered beef bulgogi. I ate that with the sides they served, which was superb!

The Bibimbap costs only $10.99 and my Beef bulgogi, with all the sides cost $12.99

The food–even the kimchi–wasn’t very spicy at all. I bet I could have asked for hot Korean sauce. They have big servings. My wife’s bibimbap would have been enough for the two of us. Same is true with the Bulgogi. I’m a big meat eater, so I finished the whole serving, but I couldn’t finish the cup of rice that came with my meal.


As I mentioned above, it would have been great if the waitress who served us smiled more. The cashier, though, was very nice.


I would give it 4 stars out of 5. Korea House Restaurant is a great place to have lunch or dinner. It is reasonably priced and the food is really good. We will come back to this restaurant to try their other fare or if we are just craving for some Korean food.



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