The Art of Packing and Letting Go of Books, Appliances, & Things That Won’t Fit into Your Luggage

Packing is a challenge. If you’re moving out of the country, you need to bring only the essentials and let go of anything you probably won’t need.

But as you start packing your things, you’ll start wondering where all those things came from. And then, you’d start thinking about which ones to bring, which ones to store in your parents’ house (if they let you), and which ones to let go.

It is tough!

How to Apply for a US Visa to Work in the USA

Here’s a few tips on how to apply for a US Visa to work in the USA. This process is a bit different compared to applying for a tourist visa. After you accept the job offer and signed the contract, your employer will then file a petition for you to work be given permission to work in the United States. They will send this petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

How to Convince Your Spouse to Move to the USA

If you are married and have kids, should you bring them to the United States with you? Are you willing to be separated from them across time and space so you could save more money?

These are not easy questions. And if you decide to bring them with you to the US or leave them behind in the Philippines, you would still need to convince your spouse either way.

So how did I convince my wife to move halfway across the world with me?

The short answer is I did not.

First Day of Pre-K and Soccer Practice

Our son woke up really early today. My wife was cooking breakfast and I was drinking coffee this morning at 7:30 am. Then our son stepped out of the room and we heard a loud “good morning!” followed by a hug. (Yes, that is really very early for him.)

He was excited for the first day of his Pre-K! I can’t believe how time flies. Summer is over for him and he goes to his class now. 

During the summer, he went through what I call a “SHY phase.” He’s not as sociable as he used to be and he would just be shy around people. He probably missed the socialization with classmates, friends, and teachers in the school. So he’s really looking forward to school again.

When he met his teacher, he had that shy look again in his face. Hopefully, as the school year moves along, he’ll adjust well and be sociable again. It also helps that one of his former classmates last year will be in his class.

Paw Patrol’s Rider on Lookout

My wife visited a local Fred’s store a few months ago. She brought our son to the store. When he saw this particular Paw Patrol Lookout play set, he took hold of it and did not want to let go! Since we didn’t plan on buying a toy, this was not on the budget. 

Our son cried loudly and threw a mini-tantrum inside the store. But my wife’s cool demeanor eventually won out and our son let it go. 

How NOT to Freak Out about Moving to the USA

Moving out of the country and starting over in a new one is really a big move. And it’s okay to feel worry and anxiety as you prepare for the big move.

I found that writing on my journal is a helpful way to deal with the anxiety. I wrote down my fears, worries, and anxieties for myself, for my wife, and our son.

But in spite of fears, worries, and anxieties, you still need to take the next steps: put one foot after the other and move. One way or another, you’ll make the move and you’ll be fine.

It’s been a year since we made the big move. There are still some anxieties and worries, but as a family, we’re fine.

Moo! by David LaRochelle & Mike Wohnoutka

Our son laughed out loud while reading this book. After a few reads, he insisted on reading the book himself (he cannot really ‘read’ yet), imitating the intonations and inflections that my wife and I used.

“Moo!” is a simple book about a cow who saw a car, rode that car over the hills, then downhill and crashed into a police car. Then it had to go back up the hills and be confronted by his farmer.

The book does not have any other dialogue except ‘Moo!” with varying amounts of the letter o. But it’s a fun read when you pronounce ‘moo’ using different intonations and taking a cue from the situations described by the illustration.

My son was laughing as we read it using different intonations and pronunciations of “Moo!” It was just a fun read.